Digital Gauges


For 21 years Calspec has been calibrating many types and models of digital pressure gauges and we consider our gauges amongst the best if not the best that we have calibrated. They have been tested and assessed by ourselves and also by a leading independent N.A.T.A. accredited Calibration Laboratory. They were found to be accurate and unlike some other brands of digital gauges can be adjusted if found to have errors. They are a good deal more rugged than most having either stainless steel or aluminium case and threaded connection. They are easy to read with the 51mm x 27mm digital display (80mm dia. model) and the pressure reading is stable.

Digital gauges have an advantage over the normal Bourdon tube (analogue) gauges in that they are more accurate and cover a wider range of pressure in one gauge so one digital gauge may replace several Bourdon tube gauges.

The following pages give a broader description of some of the gauges available from Calspec.

We still supply Ambit Bourdon tube pressure gauges if that is your preference.

In addition to the lower prices we offer a Calspec calibration certificate (with traceability of measurement) free of charge (normally $135.00 + GST) with each of our digital pressure gauges purchased.

*This offer may be withdrawn before the 27 April without notice

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