R100 Digital pressure datalogger

R100 Digital Pressure Recorder Logging Capacity upto 250000 readings,

Prices depending on pressure range


R 100 is a battery powered pressure recorder, with LCD display. It is perfect for applications requiring display pressure readings. Available on-screen data includes: statistics (max., min., average); recording status (start, stop and recording rate), display options (channel, units, text size); calibration information (data calibrated, data for recalibration). Statistics can be cleared at any time during logging. With 250000 readings, the DGR100 has one of the largest memory capacities .The non-volatile memory will retain recorded data, even if battery power is lost. Simply connect the interface cable to an availableUSBPortwith a few clicks of the mouse, data is downloaded and ready for review and export to EXCEL.


  • Precision pressure measurement
  • Field gauge calibration
  • Pressure safety valve (PSV) testing
  • Pressure leaking testing


  • · Pressure ranges to 2,500 bar
  • · High accuracy 0.05%FS, 0.1%FS ,0.2%
  • · Fully temperature compensated accuracy 0°Cto50°C
  • · Large LCD 5 bits display with backlight
  • · Front panel keys for fast, easy operation
  • · User-selectable measurement units Pa,kPa,MPa, psi, bar, mbar, mmH2O, mmHg,kgf/cm2
  • · Real-time operation, high speed download
  • · Programmable start/stop time
  • · Aluminum housing
  • Over pressure warning 120%

Technical Specifications:

  • · Response Time:0.1ms
  • · Start/Stop Time: Software programmable start time& date, up to six months inadvance
  • · Memory Capacity: 260000 readings
  • · Reading Rate: 1 reading every 2 seconds to 1 every 24 hours
  • · Power: Three AA alkaline batteries or one 3.6V Lithium Battery
  • · BatteryLife: 1 year battery life at 1 minute reading rate with display off.
  • · Engineering Units: kPa, MPa,  PSI, bar, mbar
  • · Communication: RS232
  • · Baud Rate:   115200
  • · Software:     WINDOWS7/ WINDOWS 8 /XP/VISTA

Other Specification:

  • · Dimension: Head Ø115mm×56mm, Overall Height180mm
  • · Weight:    Approx.0.6kg
  • · Pressure Connection: 1/4NPT


  • · Operating Range:    (-20~70) °C
  • · Humidity:            <95%
  • · Atmosphere Pressure: (86~106) kPa
  • · Storage Temp.:       (-40~85) °C

Software Features:

  1. Graphs Display: Display pressure data graph
  2. Real-time Recording: Real-time data acquisition and display during continuous recording
  3. Cursor Tracking: One click displays readings by time, value, parameter or sample number
  4. Data Table: Instantly access tabular view for detailed dates, times, values, and annotations
  5. Scaling Options: Auto scale function fits data to the screen, or allows user to manually enter their own values
  6. Formatting Options: Change colors, line style, plotting options, show or hide channels quickly.
  7. Statistics: Calculate averages, min., max., standard deviation
  8. Export Data: Export data in a variety of common formats, or switch to Excel with a single click
  9. Logger Configuration: Easy set up and launch of data loggers with immediate or delayed start, preferred sample rate, and device ID
  10. Communication: Automatically sets up communications port or lets user select configuration
  11. Print: Print data table or graph automatically

Conventional Pressure Range Selection

No. Pressure Range Accuracy Accuracy Accuracy
R100-1 (-1~0)bar 0.05, G 0.1,G 0.2,G
R100-2 (0~0.16) bar 0.05, G 0.1,G 0.2,G
R100-3 (0~0.25) bar 0.05, G 0.1,G 0.2,G
R100-4 (0~0.4)bar 0.05, G 0.1,G 0.2,G
R100-5 (0~0.6) bar 0.05, G 0.1,G 0.2,G
R100-6 (0~1)bar 0.05, G 0.1,G 0.2,G
R100-7 (0~1.6)bar 0.05, G 0.1,G 0.2,G
R100-8 (0~2.5) bar 0.05, G 0.1,G 0.2,G
R100-9 (0~4) bar 0.05, G 0.1,G 0.2,G
R100-10 (0~6) bar 0.05, G 0.1,G 0.2,G
R100-11 (0~10) bar 0.05, G 0.1,G 0.2,G
R100-12 (0~16) bar 0.05, G 0.1,G 0.2,G
R100-13 (0~25) bar 0.05, G 0.1,G 0.2,G
R100-14 (0~40)bar 0.05, G 0.1,G 0.2,G
R100-15 (0~60)bar 0.05, G 0.1,G 0.2,G
R100-16 (0~100)bar 0.05, G 0.1,SG 0.2,SG
R100-17 (0~160 )bar 0.05, G 0.1,SG 0.2,SG
R100-18 (0~250)bar 0.05, G 0.1,SG 0.2,SG
R100-19 (0~400) bar 0.05, G 0.1,SG 0.2,SG
R100-20 (0~600) bar 0.05, G 0.1,SG 0.2,SG
R100-21 (0~700) bar 0.05, G 0.1,SG 0.2,SG

Remark: Other pressure ranges are available. Contact Factory with specific requirement.

G=Gauge Pressure; SG=Sealed Gauge Pressure;

Bottom Connect thread : 1/4NPT.1/2NPT.G1/2 ( Or custom-made)

Pressure Range

-0.1% Full scale accuracy

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