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About Calspec Calibration And Inspection Service

Calspec, a Tasmanian owned and operated business partnership, began operations in December 1995 to supply a quality service to industry in:

The calibration of Inspection, Measurement and Test (I,M & T) equipment
Documentation management for ISO 9000 Series certification
Independent third party inspections of manufactured items for compliance with
geometric & dimensional requirements

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Today Calspec calibrates equipment for around 100 companies throughout Tasmania on a regular basis.

These companies range from passenger airlines to manufacturers such as Caterpillar Elphinstone and Incat to tyre retailers and plumbing service companies.

Calibrations carried out by Calspec are performed in accordance with the requirements of AS ISO/IEC 17025-1999 (General Requirements for the Competence of Calibration and Testing Laboratories) and have traceability of measurement to a national or international standard.

Hardness Testing

Hardness tests have a wide field of use although, as commercial tests, they are perhaps more commonly applied to metals than any other class of material.

Here at Calspec, our sales department specialises in digital pressure and vacuum gauges along with non-destructive testing (NDT) testing equipment, hardness testing equipment and NDT testing equipment. The digital pressure gauges that we sell are some of the most accurate on the market. We fully appreciate that accuracy is essential, so we always offer highly accurate calibration and testing to our clients, making us the company to trust. We have NDT ultrasonic testing equipment, non destructive testing equipment and equipment that is suitable for hardness testing for purchase or, in some cases, for rent.

Since we first began operations back in late 1995, we have gone from strength to strength and are incredibly proud to say that we are a Tasmanian owned and operated business partnership servicing not only Tasmania but interstate as well. We regularly calibrate equipment for around 100 organisations across Tasmania and to a lesser extent for interstate companies. We also offer non-destructive testing equipment for sale, which is ideal for people wishing to carry out testing for themselves.

Our clients include commercial airlines, heavy industries like Caterpillar Elphinstone and ship builders such as Incat Tasmania, along with tyre retailers, plumbing and car dealership companies. We are proud to be their chosen sales and service provider and work with all of our clients to continually improve our levels of service.

Effectively, anyone that requires digital pressure and vacuum gauges, digital hydraulic pressure gauge or digital water pressure gauge calibration, sales and/or service we are the people who can help. All of the calibrations that we conduct are performed in accordance with AS ISO/IEC 17025-1999 (General Requirements for the Competence of Calibration and Testing Laboratories). As we do not rely solely on the profits from sales our prices for digital pressure gauges and our non-destructive testing equipment are generally substantially lower than our competitors.

We regard no client as being too big or too small.

Hardness testing is another of the significant services that we provide. Hardness testing can be used in a wide range of fields although commercially it is most commonly used for metals rather than any other sort of material. When we conduct hardness testing, we use our portable Equotip tester, which is capable of giving hardness readings in Brinell, Vickers and Rockwell. We can provide accurate readings for hard or soft metallic materials which give very low to very high values.

We understand that when you take on a job, you must ensure that your equipment is in full working order and will give you accurate readings. As such, we only stock the best products in the industry, such as our Leeb hardness tester, our cross hatch cutter and our thickness gauge. Our tools will give you the confidence to go out and do your job, knowing that it will be to the highest specifications. At Calspec, we currently calibrate equipment for over 100 companies in Tasmania and are the island’s trusted tool calibrator.

Since becoming first established back in 1995, we have carefully refined our process to ensure that we provide the industry’s most accurate results. Our Leeb hardness tester, along with our thickness gauge, are respected across the country, and when it comes to cross hatch cutter, we have some of the finest options available. Of course, our teams have extensive experience helping businesses and individuals choose the right tools for them and are happy to make any recommendations and answer any questions that you may have.

We frequently test all the new products on the market and only include them in our catalogues once we are completely satisfied with their accuracy and quality. We have a reputation for only offering the best products, and this is something that we are incredibly proud of and would never do anything that compromises our reputation. We have a genuine passion for what we do and believe in giving our clients 100% satisfaction at a price that’s right. Our website is being continually updated with the industry’s best products.

If you require any ad-hoc services or anything more bespoke, this is something that we are happy to discuss. We have vast experience in the industry, so there are very few things in our area of expertise that we haven’t encountered before. You can use us initially as a sounding board to discuss your thoughts and ideas. Our team are knowledgeable, friendly and only too happy to help.

If you would like more information about digital pressure gauge testing, non-destructive testing equipment for sale or indeed any of our other services we would be delighted to hear from you. You can call us on 03 6228 7713, 0417 147 101, email on or you can contact us directly via our website. We look forward to hearing from you and being of further assistance.