Calibration of inspection, measurement and test etc. equipment is a definite step forward but there needs to be follow up system in place documenting the results of the calibrations which can deliver an ongoing awareness of the capabilities suitability of the equipment.


Documentation relating to the calibration, storage and history of inspection, measuring & inspection (IMT) equipment can be supplied by Calspec as a working procedures manual which can be made reference to in your general QA Manual.

The documentation would consist of:

(a) Procedures to be adopted in relation to calibration of inspection, measurement and test (IMT) equipmentv
(b) Equipment list detailing information as required by the certification standardv
(c) Calibration certificates

(d) Equipment calibration history sheets

(e) Equipment status records
If there are any additions replacements or withdrawals of IMT equipment we will upgrade your records to reflect the changes within the requirements set down in your quality manual.

(f) An amendment record

The above management system can include documentation for all of your calibrated I.M.T. equipment even if not calibrated by Calspec.
In addition you receive early notice of impending recalibration of equipment

Companies that have already contracted Calspec to put in place the management system outlined above have found that the calibration and documentation of their IMT equipment is efficiently carried out with the minimum of annual input required by their staff thus giving them more time to carry out their core duties.

Come audit time hand your calibration document binder to the auditor and he will find most of what he requires inside.