Other Services


Calspec not only carries out calibration of I, M & T equipment but carries out repairs wherever possible.

Design & Testing

Shown below is an item of equipment that was manufactured to Calspec design specifications to be used in the strength testing of salmon farm netting either before assembling into fish farm pens or later for netting that has been in use for some time in water. The hand operated tester is capable of reaching up to 300kg without straining.

The net tester (a) is shown being load tested for calibration purposes

Temperature/Humidity Data Logging

Data logging equipment to monitor temperature (-40 to +85 degrees C) & humidity (0 to 100% R.H.). Suitable for cool stores, drying rooms, refrigerated vehicles etc. (see image (b) of temperature and humidity chart)

Steel Hardness Testing

Leeb hardness tester suitable for testing-
Mild steel, high carbon steel, Cr. Steel, Cr. V. Steel, Cr. Ni. Steel, Cr. Mo. Steel, Cr.-Ni-Mo steel, Cr.-Mn-Si-steel, Stainless steel.

Rubber & Plastic Hardness Testing

Durometer type A for testing soft rubber and non-rigid plastics and of Durometer type D for harder rubbers and plastics.