• 2 Measuring modes: continuous/single
  •  2 Shutdown modes: manual/automatic
  • Wide measuring range with 5 probes available (next page)
  • Direct testing mode and block statistics mode (APPL/BATCH)
  •  Can connect with printer to out of statistical values
  •  Dataview to connect with PC with USB 2.0 port
  •  500 datas can be stored
  • 2 Measuring modes: continuous/single
  • 2 Shutdown modes: manual/automatic
  • Wide measuring range with 5 probes available (next page)
  • Direct testing mode and block statistics mode (APPL/BATCH)
  • Can connect with printer to out of statistical values
  • Dataview to connect with PC with USB 2.0 port
  • 500 datas can be stored

Main features 

Can use various probe (F400, F1, F1/90 °, F10, N1, N400, etc.) measurement;

Three calibration methods: one point calibration, two point calibration, the basic calibration;

Display resolution: 0.1 μ m (measuring range of less than 100 μ m)

1μ m (range greater than 100 μ m)

Have five statistics, data storage 500

There are two working methods: direct ways and means of group

There are two measurements: continuous measurement and a single measurement

There are two shutdown: manual and automatic shutdown shutdown

Can be set Bound: The gauge of the measured value can be automatic alarm and a number of measurements available

on the histogram value analysis;

Deleted features: the gross error and error settings can be deleted;

Printing: Print Measurement measurement, statistics, gauges, histogram

A music tone in the operation carried out at any time tips

A power supply under-voltage direct function

An error function

And printers, computer communications (communications software operating environment for

the Window operating system) connectivity.

Technical specifications

Measuring range


0-1250μ with standard probe F1.N1 (10.000mm    max)
Probes available


5 probes available for F (ferrous: on steel/iron) and N (non-ferrous metals)


F1:±(1μ+3%H) N1.±(1.5μ+3% H)

H: actual thickness tested

Resolution Alphanumeric with 4 large digits
Operation language English
Standards DIN, ISO, ASTM,BS
Min. measuring area F1:(standard probe)
Min. curvature  radius convex:3mm, concave:50mm
Min. substrate


type F: 0.5mm, type N: 50mm
Calibration Zero and foil calibration


Number of measurements, mean, standard deviation,

maximum and minimum of 3000readings

Data memory 500  measuring data
Limits Adjustable with acoustic alarm
Interface USB 2.0
Operating temperature 0-40℃
power supply AA size 1.5V
Dimensions 125*67*31mm (main unit)
Weight 345.g

Standard delivery

Main unit 1
Probe F1 or N1 1
Calibration foils 5
Instruction manual 1
Cetificate 1
Warranty card 1
Carrying case 1
Communication cable 1
PC software Dataview 1


Optional accessories

  • 5 probes for different applications
  • Calibration foils in various thickness

Option probes for TM510FN

Type F probe :

Probe F400 F1 F1/90° F10
Measuring Principle Magnetic method
Measuring range(mm) 0~400 0~1250 0~10000
Min resolution(mm) 0.1 0.1 10
Tolerance One-point calibration (mm) ±(2%H+0.7) ±(2%H+1) ±(2%H+10)
Two-point calibration (mm) ±(1%H+0.7) ±((1%H+1) ±(1%H+10)
Minimum radius of curvature (convex) (mm) 1 1.5 flat 10
 Minimum measuring area(mm) F3 F7 F7 F40
Minimum thickness of base material(mm) 0.2 0.5 0.5 2

Type N probe :

Probe N400 N1 CN02
Measuring Principle Eddy current method
 Measuring range (mm) 0~400 0~1250 10~200
 Min resolution(mm) 0.1 0.1 1
Tolerance  One-point calibration (mm) ±(2%H+0.7) ±(2%H+1.5) ±(2%H+1)
 Two-point calibration (mm) ±(1%H+0.7) ±(1%H+1.5) ——–
Minimum radius of curvature (convex) (mm) 1.5 3 flat
Minimum measuring area(mm) F4 F5 F7
Minimum thickness of base material(mm) 0.3 0.3 0

Note:H——Measured Value


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