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About Calspec Calibration And Inspection Service

Calspec, a Tasmanian owned and operated business partnership, began operations in December 1995 to supply a quality service to industry in:

The calibration of Inspection, Measurement and Test (I,M & T) equipment
Documentation management for ISO 9000 Series certification
Independent third party inspections of manufactured items for compliance with
geometric & dimensional requirements

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Today Calspec calibrates equipment for around 100 companies throughout Tasmania on a regular basis.

These companies range from passenger airlines to manufacturers such as Caterpillar Elphinstone and Incat to tyre retailers and plumbing service companies.

Calibrations carried out by Calspec are performed in accordance with the requirements of AS ISO/IEC 17025-1999 (General Requirements for the Competence of Calibration and Testing Laboratories) and have traceability of measurement to a national or international standard.

Repairs & Other Services

The smaller net tester is shown being load tested for calibration purposes


Calspec not only carries out calibration of inspection, measurement & testing equipment we also repair or replace missing or defective parts and calibrate the equipment where required.

Design & Testing

At right are two net testers which were manufactured to Calspec design specifications for use by aquaculture companies as a method of determining the strength of their fish pen.

Humidity Data Logging

Data logging equipment to monitor temperature (-40 to +85 degrees C) & humidity (0 to 100% R.H.). Suitable for cool stores, drying rooms, refrigerated vehicles etc.

Hardness Testing

Hardness tests have a wide field of use although, as commercial tests, they are perhaps more commonly applied to metals than any other class of material.

Metal hardness test are carried out by Calspec using a portable Equotip hardness tester which gives equivalent hardness readings in Brinell, Vickers and Rockwell. The Equotip hardness tester is designed for testing metallic materials the hardness of which ranges from very low to very high values. Typical applications are large, heavy work pieces which are difficult to access.